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Faribault Woolen Mills


When you earn the opportunity to work with a 135-year-old brand, you tread respectfully. We updated Faribault Woolen Mill's logo, wrote a new tagline, and retooled and refreshed the brand strategy, manifesto, target audience, photography style, and brand voice.


Competitor Analysis

Strategy Workshop

Brand Development
Brand Tone/Voice
Key Messaging

Digital Ads


Today, in a historic mill nestled along the Cannon River in Minnesota, a nearly 150-year-old story is still being woven. The Faribault Woolen Mill endures as one of the last vertical woolen mills in America. Here, fifth-generation craftspeople take raw wool and create blankets, throws, scarves, and accessories of remarkable comfort and quality. Irreplaceable century-old machinery stands side by side with modern technology in our "new" mill, which was built in 1892.


Brand Standards

A brand standards guide was created to help ensure consistency between the various textiles and placements of the revised logo.

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